Diptychs – Limited edition of 5

All black and white pictures were shot on 35mm film in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) between April 19th and May 8th, 1996. The black and white pictures are made from an 8” x 12” digital negative and contact printed on silver gelatin Ilford Warm Tone paper.

All colour pictures we shot on digital 24 mpx cameras in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) between May 7th and 27th, 2019. The colour pictures are digitally printed at 8″ x 12″ – ink on baryta paper.

The pictures are mounted together on double archival mattes.

You can select your picture by browsing this English, Bosnian, French catalog. Larger images available at the virtual 3D tour.

900$ CAN matted, unframed

Shipping available outside of the Greater Toronto Area for additional cost. If you want to purchase a diptych or a catalog, please email me at

COMING SOON – Exhibit catalog – Available in soft and hard cover

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